Miracle Miles 15K, Roadkillers, Mark Newman, Daniel McCarthy, Jeremy Davidson, Rick Paine, James Masters
Roadkillers at the 2012 Miracle Milers 15K (from L-R, Mark Newman, Daniel McCarthy, Jeremy Davidson, Rick Paine, James Masters).

Meet the Lake Monroe Roadkillers ...

The Lake Monroe Roadkillers have been running and racing together since the late 1980's. The origins of our "club" are fuzzy, but we're proud to run together and you can usually find our members collecting awards at most of the running races in Central Florida. We train hard and run competitively, but also welcome newcomers or anyone looking to improve their fitness. We train for marathons, 5K's and every distance in between.

We take our name from Lake Monroe, the 17 square-mile lake that flows into the St. John's River, in between Deltona and Sanford, Fla. The Lake Run, a 24-mile loop around Lake Monroe, is a signature training run for the Roadkillers.

The only thing required for "membership" is to join us at one of our weekly training runs. Just bring your running gear and a good sense of humor, you'll be using both.

How fast do we run? Our training goals vary, so our paces vary depending on the type of run. Generally, we run 8:00-8:30 pace or faster - especially during speed workouts or tempo runs. To get a better idea of how fast our members are, check out our race results.

Thanks for visiting roadkillers.com. For more information, contact us or follow us on Twitter: www.twitter.com/LMRK.