Lake Monroe Roadkillers

Running a Marathon? Try Running "The Lake" First ...

The Lake Run route was established in 1989, when founding member Bill "Swingbelly" Smith decided to run all the way around Lake Monroe while training for his first marathon. Smith and his running friends, the Roadkillers, have been running the same route ever since.

As a reminder to younger runners, the first Lake Runs took place before GPS watches, before carbohydrate gel packs and technical t-shirts. It took pure guts to complete all 24 hot, humid and difficult miles. Even with modern amenities, it's still a great test of endurance and fitness. If you're training for a marathon with the Roadkillers, the Lake Run should be on your schedule.

From the starting point, at Bagel King in Deltona, Fla., runners go Southwest toward Gemini Springs Park. Runners continue Southwest on 17-92, along the shore of Lake Monroe, to the Riverwalk near Downtown Sanford. The route turns briefly South and takes runners to Celery Ave., where they turn East to complete the next three miles.

After the halfway point, the course turns North onto the shoulder of Route 415. Runners head back to Deltona, by way of Reed Ellis Road and Enterprise Osteen Road. Here, runners circle the opposite edge of Lake Monroe and return to the starting point. The bagels never tasted so good.